Andrology is the branch of medicine that is concerned with treating male disorders;

it can be considered the counterpart of Gynaecology.

The main concerns of our Clinic are:

1)  Male fertility disorders

2)  The ability to have and maintain a satisfactory erection for both partners

Fertilization depends on the quality of the sperms in the ejaculate assessed via a sperm test carried out after four days of sexual abstinence.

After a year of trying for a baby unsuccessfully, the male partner should have a sperm test and the female partner should have tests to assess her fertility.

Erectile dysfunctions, which cause an unsatisfactory sex life can in the long –term lead to fertility problems, psychological problems and conflict within the relationship.

In cases of erectile dysfunction we try to identity the cause and treat the problem.

Prof Anniballo’s clinic has been treating these problems for 40 years and has built up a solid reputation among patients and fellow doctors. The clinic has the latest testing equipment to find the causes of erectile dysfunctions and fertility problems enabling us to suggest the most appropriate treatment.