The Post Coital test is a preliminary testing tool, which is highly informative because it can identify which of the partners is responsible for the infertility of the couple.

It is able to evaluate whether the spermatozoa have been correctly introduced into the vagina, if they have well penetrated the mucus and if they have managed to reach the uterus.

Cervical mucus changes during the monthly menstrual cycle and reaches its maximum output just prior to ovulation when the woman becomes fertile. At that moment the mucus becomes thinner, clearer and more stretchable, thus allowing the sperm to have easier access to the uterus so that fertilization and conception can occur. Therefore it is important via echo graph and hormone blood levels to identify the pre-ovulation phase so that intercorse may lead to fertilizazion. The male partner has to abstain from sexual intercourse for 3 or 5 days before. The mucus is sampled two hours after intercorse and examined.

The results tell us whether the problem lies with the female or the male or both partners.
If the female appears to be responsible, further tests may be necessary such as anti-sperm antibodies in the mucus and others, in order to choose the best course of treatment.

If the the male is responsible the Andrologist has to treat the patient’s problem. If both partners are responsible both the Gynaecologist and the Andrologist will be involved.