Computerized sperm testing CASA (recommended by the WHO). Compared with older tests, these new test enables a more accurate assessment of other factors connected to fertility
An Analysis of the fertilizing capacity of the semen, (in order to identify morphological pathologies) and defects in mobility after unsuccessful ICSI attempts.
Testicular Biopsy
Diagnostic meaning of the biopsy and the freezing of sperms

Tunel Assay (to identify abnormalities in the DNA of the sperm)

The search for possible auto-anti-sperm antibodies (in the blood and ejaculate)

The search for possible anti-sperm antibodies (in the partner’s blood and cervical mucus)
Post- Coital Test (evaluates cervical mucus after sexual intercourse to rule out any incompatibility between the partners)
Sperm activation (or artificial insemination)